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Test Code 023 Sperm Count

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Sperm Count

Epic: LAB2884 Sperm Count

MA Cerner: Sperm Count.

Test Method

Manual Dilution And Count Using Neubauer Counting Chamber And Microscopy

Specimen Requirement

Semen specimen is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Semen specimen is collected by masturbation into a new clean plastic container. Specimen is collected after a three day period of sexual abstinence. Prophylactic condoms may not be used in collection of specimen for fertility studies. SCD (seminal collection device) condoms designed for seminal fluid collection and evaluation may be used. If there is any question regarding the suitability of a specimen contact the physician or a pathologist before rejecting it.

Ideally, the specimen is collected at the UCL site or the Medical Associates Department ordering the test. If collected elsewhere, special precautions must be taken. The time of collection must be noted. Care must be taken to collect the entire specimen. The specimen must arrive at the testing site within one hour of collection. The specimen must be kept at body temperature (≥ 25°c) while being transported.


Testing is performed Monday through Sunday.

Testing is typically completed the same day the specimen arrives at the testing site.

Reference Values

>20 Million/mL

CPT Code Information

89310 Semen analysis; motility and count

Useful For

Determining male fertility status

LOINC Code Information

9780-8 Spermatozoa [#/volum] in Semen