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Test Code 597 MecStat 5 Panel

Important Note

Follow Chain of Custody protocol. The person completing the collection and sealing the box MUST deliver the sealed box to the laboratory. Do not send the sealed box with the in-house messenger or other nursery personnel.

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Drug Screen 5 Meconium

Epic: LAB479 Meconium Drug Screen

Test Method


Specimen Requirement

3 grams of pooled meconium is required.

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Maximum window of exposure is achieved by collecting and pooling all meconium passed during the postnatal period. Because meconium is heterogeneous and drug does not appear to diffuse throughout the entire meconium mass, the pooling of multiple passing of meconium is highly encouraged until milk stool appears. Three (3) grams of meconium are necessary for maximum sensitivity. United States Drug Testing Laboratories (USDTL) will analyze smaller amounts, but with a resulting reduction in sensitivity and/or reduction in the window of drug exposure.

Collection Instructions:

  1. Strategically place a liner in the diaper so that as meconium is passed, it collects on the liner instead of the diaper.
  2. Transfer the meconium from the liner to the collection vial using wooden tongue depressors provided.
  3. Continue collecting meconium specimens into the same collection vial until first milk stool appears (a minimum volume of 3 gm of meconium is recommended).
  4. Greater sensitivity and longer window of exposure can be achieved by collecting all available meconium.
  5. The meconium specimens must be stored at room temperature in the designated locked drawer from time of collection until shipment.
  6. Complete the specimen label and attach it to the specimen vial.
  7. Affix an identification label (including infant’s name and identification number) to the collection vial.
  8. Peel off one of the chain of custody labels from the upper right corner of the form and affix it to the specimen collection vial. Initial the security strip and place it over the top and down the sides of the specimen vial.
  9. Place the specimen vial in the plastic bag provided.
  10. Place the entire bag with its contents into the collection kit.
  11. Complete the “requisition” form step 1. Include the signature of the specimen collector(s).
  12. Select the appropriate Mecstat-5 Panel (unless the physician specifies otherwise).
  13. Complete the “Chain of Custody” form step 2a.
  14. The final collector/person sealing the collection vial must sign and complete the date/time that the specimen was sealed in the appropriate spaces on the Mecstat requisition form. This begins the "Chain of Custody" documentation.
  15. Make sure that the appropriate UCL site return address is stamped or written on all copies of the requisition form in step 1.
  16. The nurse who seals the collection kit and signs the "Chain of Custody" form must place the specimen and completed requisition into the specimen bag, seal the bag and place it into the cardboard box.
  17. Affix the box seal and initial the seal area.
  18. The nurse who collects and seals the kit must bring the kit to the laboratory along with the pink and yellow copies of the form.
  19. Do not send the sealed box with the in-house messenger or another nursery staff member.

Milk stool (yellow stool) will be rejected. For questions regarding specimen collection, shipment or to obtain more specimen collection kits call mecstat labs 1-800-235-2367.


Negative results are available within 2 business days.

Positive results are available within 3 business days, after receipt of specimen at Mecstat Labs.

Reference Values

Test will be reported as “Mecstat-5” Positive or Negative with indication of which drugs are detected and not detected. The screen includes the following drugs:

  • Amphetamine: Negativ

  • THC (Cannabinoid): Negative

  • Cocaine: Negative

  • Opiate: Negative
  • PCP (Phencylcidine): Negative

CPT Code Information

80307  Drug test(s), presumptive, any number of drug classes, any number of devices or procedures, by instrument chemistry analyzers (utilizing immunoassay, chromatography and mass spectrometry either with or without chromatography, includes sample validation when performed, per date of service.

Useful For

Detecting drugs of abuse.

LOINC Code Information

49046-6 Drugs Of Abuse Panel-Meconium