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Test Code 611 Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Important Note

Therapeutic phlebotomy requires physician’s written order specifying amount of blood to be collected. Therapeutic phlebotomies do not typically require a pathologist’s approval however, if withdrawing more than one unit notify a pathologist before proceeding.

A Hemoglobin/Hematocrit must be performed at a UCL site, Medical Associates or DBQ Internal Medicine within 48 hours along with a history and indication for phlebotomy. A consent for treatment must be signed for each separate phlebotomy. If the order is for the patient’s first phlebotomy, the doctor must provide a diagnosis and also state the hemoglobin level below which a phlebotomy will not be performed.

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Phlebotomy-Therapeutic (DB)

Epic: LAB2056 Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Test Method

Not applicable

Specimen Requirement

Not applicable

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Not applicable


Same day requested.

Reference Values

Not applicable

CPT Code Information

99195 Therapeutic Phlebotomy and Other Unlisted Procedures: Phlebotomy, therapeutic (separate procedure)

Useful For

Removal of excess iron in patients with hemochromatosis

Removal of excess blood volume in patients with polycythemia

LOINC Code Information

In process