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Test Code M47 Dialysate Culture

Biohazard Infectious

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Culture Dialysis Only

Epic: LAB2009 Dialysate

Test Method

BacT/Alert 3D (Biomerieux) Screen with Positives sent to Microbiology For Manual, Agar Growth And Biochemical Identification

Specimen Requirement

100 mL dialysate is required

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect specimen in a sterile specimen container. Label the specimen appropriately with two identifiers, patient name and another identifier, (patient ID number, DOB, etc.) include specimen source, date and time of collection. Transport to the laboratory as soon as possible or refrigerate until transported.


Final negative report after 5 days. Preliminary report on all positive cultures when grown is detected.

  • Fungus: Negatives are held for 4 weeks.
  • Mycobacterium: Negatives are held for 6 weeks.

A Gram Stain is performed on all positive dialysate cultures. All positive dialysate cultures are called to the nursing station or physician office as soon as growth is detected. Any bacterial growth is identified and sensitivities performed, when appropriate.

Reference Values

No growth

CPT Code Information

87070 Identification of Microorganism; any other source except urine, blood or stool, aerobic, with isolation and presumptive identification of isolates

Useful For

Detection of aerobic bacteria, fungus or mycobacterium in clinical specimens.

LOINC Code Information

9822-8 Bacteria Identified In Dialysis Fluid By Culture

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