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Test Code M49 Helicobacter pylori Antibody

Additional Codes


PowerChart: Helicobacter Pylori Antibody IgG

Epic: LAB158 H. Pylori Antibody IgG

Test Method

Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA); Immuncard; Meridian Diagnostics

Specimen Requirement

0.5 mL of serum or plasma is required

Additional Specimen Collection Information

Collect blood in red-top, sodium citrate lt. blue-top, EDTA purple-top, heparin green-top tube tube. PST and SST (gel tubes) are acceptable.


Performed Monday through Sunday.

Typically completed within 24 hours after the specimen arrives at the testing site.

Reference Values

Not detected

CPT Code Information

86677 Testing for Antibodies to Infectious Agents: Helicobacter pylori

Useful For

Screening for exposure to Helicobacter pylori.

LOINC Code Information

17859-0 Helicobacter pylori IgG Ab [Presence] In Serum Or Plasma By Immunoassay